Our Studio

Passepartout4u Studios is a fully integrated digital studio in Milan.

Renting our studio doesn’t mean getting yet another plain white background and bright lights. Our facility is a modern creative hub, a place to express yourself without restraints. With a total area of 300 square meters and 3 shooting rooms, our studio is available 7 days a week and can accommodate complex setups and large props. Whether you need a workspace for your photography, videography or a versatile location for your projects, Passepartout4u Studios offers a flexible environment to unleash your creativity supported by professionals ready to make your life a lot easier! We always go the extra mile to offer our clients an exceptional service.

At Passepartout4u Studios we don’t just follow you from behind a camera lens, we make you our focus from the very moment of your arrival. Our goal is to provide you with the best and most tailored possible solutions, whether you need a space for your own shoots or intend to take advantage of our services.

Try also our catering service for a truly stress-free experience.